Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The 2-yr old Birthday post, a little belated...

This little cutie just had a birthday. She's 2 now, if you can believe it! And she's learning so much every single day...

She runs, with her arms up by her armpits; She jumps, usually with any sort of rope-like thing in her hand (headphone cord, string, dog leash...), apparently in imitation of her big sibs who have been jumping rope lately; She undresses herself, which is really swell (and has caused us to cut the feet of her jammies and put them on her backwards so she can't disrobe every night at bedtime!); She wants to do things "myself" and will proudly proclaim, "I did it!"

She's quite a Daddy's girl, this one. If Daddy is home, nobody else will do-- to change her, bathe her, feed her, brush her teeth... She knows how to work the room to get people to share bites of whatever tasty treat they're enjoying. And now that she's 2, she's certainly learning a thing or 2 about saying "no!" and throwing fits. After all, it's hard to be 2 some days... But she's such a delight in our lives and we are so blessed to have her as part of our family! 

Happy Birthday, Sweet Zo-Zo!

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