Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sunday Funnies

I was on Mass duty alone today, it being Chester's drill weekend. I was trying to settle the baby as he started to fuss, so Zoja decided to maker herself "helpful." As she tried shoving a pacifier into his clearly reluctant mouth, I told her just to hold onto it for later when he would need it. Persistent as only a toddler can be, she then asked if she could hold Maciek. Gently, but firmly, I told her "No. Mommy's got him for now." At which point she clearly lost patience with her mother for not letting her play with the baby because she shook her head and let out a "Dang it!" that set 3 of her older siblings into uncontrolable fits of giggles. And who could blame them for it, really? I could barely contain myself either...2 year olds are funny people!

8 is Super Great!


You are so full of joy and energy. Constantly searching for a prank, you love to pull one over on people. Like locking people inside the bathroom, or this "black eye" courtesy of your sister's makeup... Never a dull moment with you around!

You still love cooking and helping in the kitchen. You have a tender heart for your little sisters and any injustices done by others to your brothers. Your smile lights up my day. 

Your soft spot for babies makes my heart happy. I love it when you ask if I can have 50 more babies!

You are always up for adventure and a good time. I think giggling must be your favorite form of communication!

I love you to the moon and back, Sonny Boy! Hope you have a great birthday.