Thursday, October 24, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Reindeer farm edition


The sun breaking out behind the mountain at the reindeer farm.


Tait loved the baby bunnies. He tried to talk me into bringing one home. I'm afraid bunnies would be bound for the stew pot at our house...


This moose eats bananas from your mouth! I was laughing so hard when Tait's preschool teacher did it that I nearly missed the photo...And apparently, I did entirely miss Ollie taking his turn!
Moose kiss, anyone?


Look at my couch, yo! This was a freebie last year when we moved. It didn't come to us with its arm flapping in the breeze like that, mind you. It did have a teeny tiny threadbare spot on the top of the arm. That my darling 2 year old discovered she could wiggle her teeny tiny little finger into and enlarge by degrees until shazam! One day she could get her whole hand in there. And then with one quick downward motion, she ripped that baby off! I'd like to say it happened just a few days ago, but since we're keeping it real here, I'll *blush* admit it was 2 months ago. Eek! Maybe it's time to find that roll of duct tape...

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