Saturday, December 28, 2013

And So Merry Christmas

first, the nice one... or at least the one where all 4 were kind of looking at the camera.

Somehow, Christmas more than any other holiday makes me pause and consider the passage of time. Perhaps it's the infant Jesus wrapped in those swaddling clothes, lying in his manger or in his mother's arms. Maybe it's the sentimental music that envelops us everywhere we go. And maybe it's just the time of year for introspection and looking back... But celebrating the birth of our Savior makes me pause and count my blessings; it makes me want to stop time and live fully in this moment. Forever. Every year, I try to etch the children in my mind just as they are right now. They will never be just this same again. And Christmas, though much the same year after year, is always new. It's that newness in the midst of the year growing old that brings such joy. We wish you all the happiness and blessings this Season brings. Merry Christmas! (and I can still say that on Dec 28th because it's still Christmas--the 4th day)

...and then one of the many outtakes...

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