Thursday, May 15, 2014

Holy First Communion

Oles made his First Holy Communion 2 weeks ago. Shameful that I haven't posted pictures here sooner or written a little tribute to his day yet, but life and illness intervened.

 Oles was so proud to be dressed up for his big day. This is the son who never complains about getting dressed in fancy clothes. He looked so handsome and grown up!

Father Jaime delivered a homily directed at the children receiving their First Communion, helping them to appreciate the importance of the day. I really appreciate how this church incorporates the celebration into a regular Sunday Mass, rather than a separate celebration. The whole church community helps to welcome these children into the flock...

And we as a family got to celebrate our 2nd child entering into the banquet of the Church. Oles has a heart of gold and a quick smile for everyone. It is our earnest prayer that he continue use his gifts for the glory of God and to bring the joy of God's love to all those he meets. Congratulations, Oles!

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