Thursday, May 15, 2014

PHFR Belated Beach Edition

A few weeks ago we escaped the still frozen North to visit grandparents in Seattle. My sister Kelly came up from CA for a couple of days and we all enjoyed a lovely trip to the beach one day. It's not exactly timely, but it's the best I could do at this point. Linking up with Like Mother, Like Daughter.


I love the way this creek meanders to the inlet. The sight of all 4 kids playing together on its banks is a pretty sight, too.


Sisters pregnant together, due 2 weeks apart. She with her 1st, Me with my 5th...


I don't blame a 10 year old boy for wanting to leap from one side of the bank to the other. What's funny about this is that right after I took this picture, he did exactly what I warned him might happen and he adamantly denied as a possibility: he fell in. Was completely soaked. I resisted the urge to say "I told you so."


Our first family photo in 3(?) years!
Somehow we never manage to snap a picture with the entire family all at the same time...

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