Tuesday, January 19, 2016

returning from a long hiatus...and Zo-Zo speak

I have been absent from my blog for a long time. But the other day, Oles asked to read through the posts at Puppy Dog Tales and joyfully related all the stories he'd read over there. It made me realize how many precious family memories I captured on that blog and then over here, and how many in the past year or so that I've missed recording. So, I'm recommitting myself to keeping up with the little happenings in our family in this space!

First up? Zo-Zo speak, ed.1:

Zoja is now 19 months old and has her own unique way of communicating with her family.

Her favorite word by far is "Da-eeee!" ("Daddy!") Which is always said with an exclamation point... She says everyone else's name as well, except for Ziven. She just looks blankly at you when you try to get her to say that one. So we have "Oh-wee", "Daaaite," and "Ohla" (Sometimes that one comes out with an extra emphasis on the L sound, so we get "Ohlala").

When she wants something, anything, she points at it and says "ah-hah!" I can only surmise this stems from answering questions of "Do you want..." with "uh-huh" and then extended to an expression of want in general. Lately she's taken to adding the sign for please while she requests the object, rubbing her chest vigorously. She usually ends up with what she's asking for, because who can resist that?!?

And then there's sundry other words, including "Dakes" (Thanks), "No," "IdoIdo" (I don't know...)
I'm sure there are a few I'm forgetting, but she babbles on all through the day, and we can't always make out exactly what she is saying, but slowly those sounds are beginning to form more and more actual words. It's such a fun and enjoyable time!

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