Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sweet 5

                                              Happiest of Birthdays to this sweet little girl...                                      

 Who isn't so little any more!

She brought some much needed pink into our lives and we are blessed every day with her cheerfulness and sunny disposition.

She's kind and generous, always up for a good laugh and watches over her baby sister like a second little mother. She loves to love on her baby dolls and take care of anyone who needs taking care of. 
She's my right-hand woman in the kitchen and is very eager to learn new things.

Now that she's 5, she informs me that she knows A LOT more than she did when she was 4! I have no doubt that there's some truth to that, and I can't wait to see what this little one has in store for the next year... 

We love you, Miss Tola! Happy 5th birthday! May you climb to great heights this year!

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